Shelley Mazor

“Having collaborated for many years, I can truly say that Shelley is a great creative partner from start to finish. She has great ideas, is passionate about her work and thinks like a designer, which is unusual in a writer! She’s able to handle all kinds of subject matter and is always a charmingly consummate professional with our clients.”
- Hershell George, Principal, hgDesign, New York City

“I have worked with Shelley for 20+ years in three different organizations. I have always been able to count on her for ideas that are fresh and on-target and copy that gets the brand voice just right.  She always brings added value that shows up in unexpected and surprising ways.”
- Glenn Peterson, Director, Special Projects in Communications, EmblemHealth, New York City

“Ours is a complex story and one that we had never before told in an annual report. Shelley’s words and on-target concept truly defined the direction of the book and enhanced the design to its award-winning level. Given limited interview time with our clinical and scientific leadership, she captured every key point and captured our messages with a writing style that was elegant, engaging and insightful for our audiences.”
- Lauren Hackett, MPA, Executive Director for Administration, NYU Cancer Institute

“The amazing thing about Shelley is how easily she adjusts her thinking to different industry segments, executive status and business needs.  She gains instant credibility, perhaps because she is such a good listener, strategic thinker and problem solver. She instinctively knows how to solve for a business need with a creative and down-to-earth approach.  I was always proud to bring her to any client meeting because she garnered such respect and created great relationships.”
- Bonnie Carlson, President, Promotion Marketing Association (PMA)

“Shelley has a special ability to process complex information, organize it, simplify it, and then tell a compelling story in a succinct, accessible manner. She is a true collaborator and creative partner with strong visions and ideas. We are a team in every sense of the word.”
- Ashleigh Lindenauer, Principal, Ashleigh Lindenauer Design, Miami, Florida